Personal & Professional Profile

Web specialized developer with 5+ years of experience. I work in a daily basis with PHP/JS, with the following frameworks/cms: Zend, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Drupal, Laravel. In the past, I have also worked with Mobile technologies such as Android, PhoneGap & Titanium

I’m a team player who is a little bit obsessed about Knowledge Capture and Documentation of the projects.

Technical Skills



Joomla / Magento / Drupal / Wordpress


Laravel 4, 5


JavaScript & JQuery




SQL Server / MySQL / DB2 / SQLite


Adobe FW


AngularJS MVC


Android SDK/ADT




Titanium (Appcelerator)


LAMP: CENTOS & Zend Server


Digital Marketing

Ongoing Certification

Other Skills:

  • MS Visual Studio .NET (ASPX, VB, C#) (basic)
  • Spanish (native) and English (advanced).
  • Deep understanding of Digital Marketing concepts. Ongoing Certification.
  • SEO, & ADA Optimization
  • Google Analytics, A/B..N Testing with Adobe Test&Target, Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Work Experience

Technical Account Manager / Sr. FullStack Dev.

Oktara Software Development

  • Period: May 2016 - Present day
  • Job type: Full-Time

Development and Administration of Custom Software solutions based monstly on PHP and

  • Design (architecture) and development of custom Drupal websites, theming, custom modules.
  • Design (architecture) and development of custom apps (Laravel, Drupal, WP)
  • Creation, assignment and traking of project tasks and resources.
  • Development of internal knowledge capture strategy.

PHP Developer

Critical Mass / The Hangar Interactive

  • Period: March 2015 - May 2016
  • Job type: Full-Time

Development of Back-End/Server-side solutions using mostly Laravel, Drupal and Wordpress

  • Advanced Social Networks Server side API consumption for Social Games and Contents
  • Custom Admin Dashboards, CRUDs, etc.
  • Advanced Data mining and Data consumption.
  • Custom Artisan commands, custom packages (packagist) for Laravel.
  • E-commerce, Payment/Shipping and Other 3rd party methods/APis integration, etc.

Adobe Test&Target Developer / Tech Lead

Critical Mass / The Hangar Interactive

  • Period: June 2013 - March 2015
  • Job type: Full-Time

Working with Adobe Test&Target, on a regular basis:

  • Analyze AB and Multivariate Test requirements with stakeholders.
  • Configure and Target Testing Campaigns.
  • Program AB and Multivariate layout variations (JS/CSS)
  • Plan and configure success metrics.
  • Work with front-end desktop and mobile web technologies -> HTML, JS, CSS
  • Participate in meetings for estimating, planning and tracking web projects.
  • Develop and Integrate Custom built social apps with social network APIs: FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • FE & BE development.

Senior Software Engineer

Likan Development

  • Period: Aug 2010 - Dec 2014
  • Job type: Contractual Remote

Working with LAMP, Joomla, Magento & JS Frameworks, on a regular day I...:

  • Analyze requirements with customers;
  • Design systems architechture;
  • Create & Assign tasks to team members
  • Work on Back-End & server related tasks;
  • Work on Front-End tasks;
  • SEO , Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools;
  • Page Performance Optimization;

Software Engineer

SourceTrace Systems

  • Period: Sept 2011 - July 2012
  • Job type: Full-Time Remote

Web & Mobile development of a mobile distribution platform using Zend, Android, PhoneGap, HTML5 & JQM

  • Liquid Mobile Web Design;
  • Native Android progamming;
  • Custom Android-PhoneGap Plugins;
  • Basic BlackBerry-PhoneGap Plugins
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Planning & Reporting

Creative Engineer

BOSZ Digital

  • Period: May 2011 - Sept 2012
  • Job type: Full-Time Onsite

Web & Mobile Front-End Development using JAVA Spring, XHTML, HTML5, CSS (2 & 3) & JS/JQ

  • Responsive Mobile Web Design;
  • Pixel Perfect, X-Browser PSD-2-HTML;
  • ADA Standards Auditing & Optimization
  • Coremetrics tags implementation
  • Tech Lead of JQuery & AJAX technologies
  • JAVA & Active Directory Integration/Manipulation Scripts

Web Developer & Tech Lead

SigmaOne Corporation

  • Period: April 2009 - Sept 2010
  • Job type: Contractual Remote

Web Development using XHTML, CSS, PHP & Portal-X CMS

  • Defining the website & systems architecture;
  • Creating & Assigning Tasks to team members;
  • Meeting with & reporting to StakeHolders (Sigma One & US Gov.)
  • Programming using the mentioned languages & technologies

Tech Lead & Technical Consultant

Hewllet-Packard Company

  • Period: April 2006 - May 2010
  • Job type: Full-Time Onsite

Proliant Servers Hardware & Software Support, HP-RISS, IAP & MAS Software Consultant

  • Remotely Diagnosing & Troubleshooting Hardware issues, RAIDs & FW;
  • Remotely Diagnosing & Troubleshooting RISS/IAP & MAS issues, HW & SW related;
  • Team lead
  • Team metrics analysis & reporting
  • Webmaster of the regional ISS internal portal ( PHP + HTML)

IT Assistant

Gold Capital Services

  • Period: Oct 2005 - Jan 2006
  • Job type: Full-Time Onsite

Network Management & End-User Technical Support

  • MS-IIS, Proxy, DHCP & DNS (AD) Management;
  • Hardware & Software Maintenance;
  • Network administration.


Digital Marketing Institute Irlanda + CenfoTec

International Digital Marketing Certificate


404 Academia Digital

Social Media Metrics & ROI



Angular JS + NodeJS Fundamentals


Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

Class of 2005

Projects were done with Pascal, Cobol, C, C++,, VB 6.0,, ASP, & JSP

Universidad de Costa Rica

Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.